Hi there! This is Shauna Farey Marriage Celebrant, did you know that I also do funerals?

Until recently, neither did I.

Late last year I decided that funerals were going to be added to my list of services.

I wanted to put the FUN in funeral. I wanted to celebrate a life well lived. I wanted to help the mourners to laugh amongst their tears. I wanted the ceremony to reflect their loved one.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached to do such a thing. The family who asked me wanted the funeral to be fun and full of life, because their loved one had been fun and full of life. We had so many laughs when I interviewed them that I had tears streaming down my face.

Because of the current rules of having only 10 mourners present at the funeral, I ended up conducting the ceremony twice, so as all of his family could attend in person. It was also live streamed and recorded for those who would have loved to have been there on the day.

Not all funerals are going to be fun, but, however I can, I will capture the essence of your loved one and help you to share your memories as we celebrate their life.




Your Wedding, Your Way

Michelle and David 19/02/2019

Michelle and David didn’t want the big wedding with all the pomp and ceremony. They simply wanted the ceremony. They had already celebrated their engagement with a large gathering of family and friends. They wished for their wedding day to be simple. Their wish was my command.

We completed the Notice of Intended Marriage in early January in order to be ready for them to set a date. They chose a Tuesday and we set the ball in motion. We wrote a simple ceremony, but one filled with so much love.

They each had a witness present, David’s great friend Chris and Michelle’s (and my) Grandma Isabel. They also had a photographer to capture these special moments.


The ceremony was conducted under the shade of Grandma’s gum tree on a perfect summers day.

I love being a celebrant every time I conduct a marriage.

Being a celebrant for my loved ones just makes it all the more special.

Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. Your wedding, your way.


Tayla and Matt

What a beautiful spot for a wedding.

Tayla and Matt chose to have their ceremony and reception on November 24th, 2018 at Langi Oonah Homestead. This secluded spot is halfway between Mulwala and Barooga.

The gardens are gorgeous and the backdrop of the Murray River makes for some wonderful photos.

The ladies entered via the wisteria covered arch.CEREMONY-209.JPG

There is nothing better than seeing the look on the grooms face when he sees his stunning bride approaching.


The support crews are an essential element.



Nothing like awesome vows written from the heart to amuse and entertain everyone.


With rings to symbolise their love and commitment.CEREMONY-164.JPG

And just like that they are married.


Thank you for choosing me to officiate your wedding and sharing your photos of your special day.

Cassandra and Shane

Cassandra and Shane are so much in love and they just wanted to get married. They had looked into going to Melbourne for a registry office wedding because they really wanted a simple ceremony.20190323_150353.jpg

A good friend suggested it would be a good idea to enquire with a local celebrant to save a trip to Melbourne with 6 kids in tow. Shauna popped around to visit Cassandra and Shane and explained the legal side of things and made some suggestions as to where they could conduct the ceremony and how simple it could be. The paperwork was completed and the countdown was on.

Oh, what a beautiful day! Cassandra and Shane, along with their children, closest friends and family made their way to the Yarrawonga Weir Park on Saturday 23rd March. Shauna conducted a very simple ceremony based on their wishes. A few tears of happiness were shed and there were smiles all round.IMG_20190323_165619_571.jpg