Cassandra and Shane

Cassandra and Shane are so much in love and they just wanted to get married. They had looked into going to Melbourne for a registry office wedding because they really wanted a simple ceremony.20190323_150353.jpg

A good friend suggested it would be a good idea to enquire with a local celebrant to save a trip to Melbourne with 6 kids in tow. Shauna popped around to visit Cassandra and Shane and explained the legal side of things and made some suggestions as to where they could conduct the ceremony and how simple it could be. The paperwork was completed and the countdown was on.

Oh, what a beautiful day! Cassandra and Shane, along with their children, closest friends and family made their way to the Yarrawonga Weir Park on Saturday 23rd March. Shauna conducted a very simple ceremony based on their wishes. A few tears of happiness were shed and there were smiles all round.IMG_20190323_165619_571.jpg

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