Your Wedding, Your Way

Michelle and David 19/02/2019

Michelle and David didn’t want the big wedding with all the pomp and ceremony. They simply wanted the ceremony. They had already celebrated their engagement with a large gathering of family and friends. They wished for their wedding day to be simple. Their wish was my command.

We completed the Notice of Intended Marriage in early January in order to be ready for them to set a date. They chose a Tuesday and we set the ball in motion. We wrote a simple ceremony, but one filled with so much love.

They each had a witness present, David’s great friend Chris and Michelle’s (and my) Grandma Isabel. They also had a photographer to capture these special moments.


The ceremony was conducted under the shade of Grandma’s gum tree on a perfect summers day.

I love being a celebrant every time I conduct a marriage.

Being a celebrant for my loved ones just makes it all the more special.

Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. Your wedding, your way.


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