Hi there! This is Shauna Farey Marriage Celebrant, did you know that I also do funerals?

Until recently, neither did I.

Late last year I decided that funerals were going to be added to my list of services.

I wanted to put the FUN in funeral. I wanted to celebrate a life well lived. I wanted to help the mourners to laugh amongst their tears. I wanted the ceremony to reflect their loved one.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached to do such a thing. The family who asked me wanted the funeral to be fun and full of life, because their loved one had been fun and full of life. We had so many laughs when I interviewed them that I had tears streaming down my face.

Because of the current rules of having only 10 mourners present at the funeral, I ended up conducting the ceremony twice, so as all of his family could attend in person. It was also live streamed and recorded for those who would have loved to have been there on the day.

Not all funerals are going to be fun, but, however I can, I will capture the essence of your loved one and help you to share your memories as we celebrate their life.




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